The new generation
of Congolese music

Ya levis likes to draw inspiration from artists who have marked the music industry be Michael Jackson The Weeknd, Miguel for his side pop and rnb or Papa Wemba and King Kester Emeneya with a variety of rhythms like rumba or Afrobeat . At the same time singer and dancer, this double advantage makes him a versatile artist. Talented and hardworking, he describes himself as "a relentless worker" who is finally rewarded. Ambitious, Ya Levis embodies the new generation of artists with this double culture whose inspiration comes from the artists of the past mixed with the musical trends of the moment: an artist of his time!

ALBUM : El mayalove 2019, EP


Y levis, like his music and philosophy, has chosen to support the Denise Nyakeru Tshisekedi Foundation (FDNT), which defends the values ​​of selflessness, work, meritocracy, solidarity and love. ! The foundation aims to improve sanitary, educational, socio-economic and security conditions. Given the Congolese sociology, the FDNT also defends values ​​of dignity of the person, valorization of effort and work. It wishes to allow greater equality of opportunity between all social strata: women or men, young and old, graduates or non-graduates, urban or rural. It is a real fight against the inequalities that the FDNT wants to engage. Moreover, the FDNT assumes that the first wealth of the congo is its population and invested in the human by improving sanitary conditions, educating and forming the best possible youth, protecting the Congolese woman against any form of attack on its integrity and empower it as best as possible so that it fully participates in the economic development of the Democratic Republic of Congo. +